Privacy Policy

AT VACATIONS CENTER, we value your trust and respect your privacy. Explore this Privacy Policy to learn about our principles, policies and how you can manage your privacy choices.


1. Introduction

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies to “Vacations Center Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable”, a legal entity constituted under the Mexican law, commercially identify as VACATIONS CENTER, and that manage, operate, and/or provide services through the website (the “Website”)


1.2 The application of this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) involves personal information regarding clients and the other individuals with whom we do business or who visit VACATIONS CENTER Website and to the use of that personal information in any form – whether oral, electronic or written. This policy applies to all of VACATIONS CENTER information-gathering activities whether conducted through the Internet or any other means of communication.


1.3 We use your personal information in order to fulfil our commitment to providing an unparalleled service experience in connection with all of your interactions with VACATIONS CENTER (the“Purpose”). As part of that undertaking, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information that we gather.


1.4 As one of our clients or someone else with whom we do business, you understand and agree that we collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Policy.


1.5 VACATIONS CENTER makes this Policy available to explain how we gather information, the kind of information collected and how that information may be used so that you can exercise an informed judgment in deciding whether you wish to provide information to VACATIONS CENTER.


1.6 When we provide VACATIONS CENTER products or services to you, we may also give you specific additional details about how we will use your personal information.


1.7 If you have a product or service by the VACATIONS CENTER Website that is not provided by VACATIONS CENTER, please review the relevant privacy notice that covers such product or service, or contact your product or service provider for information about their privacy practices.


2. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This Policy is based upon VACATIONS CENTER activities as a Mexican Company; and this Policy is over conducting laws in México and is not intended to address privacy issues that may arise in any other country.


3. Types of Personal Information VACATIONS CENTER Collects

3.1. The term “personal information” in this Policy refers to information that does or is capable of identifying you as an individual. The types of personal information that VACATIONS CENTER process include: your name, gender, personal and work contact details, business title, date and place of birth, image, nationality, and passport and visa information; your credit card details, and your account details and any other credential for the guest program and any frequent flyer or travel partner program if obtained as a VACATIONS CENTER service or product; information, feedback or content you provide regarding your marketing preferences, in surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or promotional offers, or to our websites or apps and those of third parties; information collected whilst you access a VACATIONS CENTER website; and information relating to the credit of clients and the other individuals with whom we do business or who visit VACATIONS CENTER Website .

3.2. Much of the personal information we process is information that you or someone acting on your behalf knowingly provides to VACATIONS CENTER. All such information is voluntarily supplied by you, someone acting on your behalf,VACATIONS CENTER members, clients and the other individuals with whom we do business or who visit our Website.


3.3. However, in other instances, we process personal information that we are able to infer about you based on other information you provide to us or during our interactions with you, or personal information about you that we receive from a third party. This Policy also applies to the personal information about you that we receive from a third party, unless specifically covered by such third party’s privacy policy.


3.4. There may be instances in which the personal information that you provide to us or that we collect is considered Sensitive Personal Information under the privacy laws of some countries. In some very rare instances, financial records may form part of Sensitive Personal Information where you are located. We only process Sensitive Personal Information and financial records to the extent permitted or required by applicable law.


3.5. When you agree to this Policy you are, to the extent required under applicable law, granting your express and written consent to the processing of any personal information that you provide to VACATIONS CENTER that is considered to be Sensitive Personal Information or financial information.


3.6. Save to the extent required by law, you are not obliged to provide VACATIONS CENTER with any of your Sensitive Personal Information, and should you chose not to, this will not prevent you from purchasing any products or services from VACATIONS CENTER.


3.7. Minor Children VACATIONS CENTER website do not sell products or services for purchase by children and we do not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from children. If you are under the age of 18 (or a minor in the jurisdiction in which you are accessing our websites), you may only use our websites with the involvement of a parent or guardian.


3.8. The personal information described in the previous paragraphs of this section, is collected through:

the use of printed documents that you or someone acting on your behalf knowingly submit to VACATIONS CENTER;
the use of emails and/or telephone calls and/or Skype and/or any voiceover- internet protocol that may be used by VACATIONS CENTER and you, and
the voluntary provision of information and personal data when you visit our commercial offices, when attending to sale presentations, when you communicate with us or our employees (including the customer services area);
visiting the VACATIONS CENTER web site, as well as
using public access sources and other sources available.

3.9. The personal information collected by VACATIONS CENTER, is protected by security, administrative and physical measures which were adapted against the damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, unauthorized use or treatment, in accordance with applicable law and regulations.


4. Use of Personal Information

4.1. Subject to applicable law, we may collect, use and disclose relevant portions of your personal information in order to:


a) Provide VACATIONS CENTER services that includes, but are not limited to the following:


  • Soliciting for and enrolling members;
    Maintaining current contact information of members;
  • Registering members to use VACATIONS CENTER Website;
  • Fulfil contractual obligations to you, anyone involved in the process of making your VACATIONS CENTER arrangements and vendors (e.g. credit card companies and third party programs);
  • Process credit applications
  • Meeting legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Registering members and the public for VACATIONS CENTER events;
  • Conducting surveys concerning travel related issues;
  • Respond to requests for information and services, including services from a third party
  • Fulfilling requests for goods and services received from members and the public;
  • To confirm bookings and services.

VACATIONS CENTER also collects personally identifiable information such as date of birth, age, nationality, driver license, ID and passport number as may be required by a governmental authority, travel industry supplier, sponsor or host as a condition of participation in an industry sponsored tour, travel industry familiarization trip.

b) additionally, we will use your personal information for the following secondary purposes that are not necessary to provide the services required, but that allow us and facilitate a better service:


provide you with a better or more personalized level of service, including information and services from a third party (such as additional services related to VACATIONS CENTER services);
administer programs that may be related to VACATIONS CENTER services (e.g.);
conduct market research, customer satisfaction and quality assurance surveys, and direct marketing and sales promotions;
provide for the safety and security of staff, clients and the other individuals with whom we do business or who visit our Website;
administer general record keeping;
test and evaluate new products and services.

4.2. VACATIONS CENTER uses and retains your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfil the Purpose.


4.3. In case you do not wish your personal information to be used for these secondary purposes, we hereby request you to inform us using the option that may apply:


In case you provide us your information in a direct way, please in this moment inform our coworker and request him to provide you the corresponding form to register your denial.

In case you provide us your information using our website, you will have to send an e-mail to the following address:

4.4. According to the clause

3.6, your denial of authorization for use of your personal information for these purposes shall not be a reason for denial of services and products requested or hired with VACATIONS CENTER.


5. ARCO rights

5.1. You have rights to access and update personal information held about you that are known with the acronym ARCO:


A for Access: the right to know what personal information is held about you and the purpose of its use.
R for Rectification: the right to request the update, correction and completeness of your personal information;
C for Cancellation: the right to eliminate your personal information from our records or databases if the information is incorrect.
O for Opposition: the right to oppose, object, revoke or refuse the use and purpose given to your personal information.

5.2. If you want to inquire about any personal information we may have about you, you can do so by sending us a written request to the following address:


By letter:

Av. Aviación
Plaza Tuukul, Local 20
Playa del Carmen – Quintana Roo
México 77717 By email:


5.3. Please be sure to include your full name, address and telephone number and a copy of a document evidencing your identity (such as an ID card or passport) so we can ascertain your identity and whether we have any personal information regarding you, or in case we need to contact you to obtain any additional information we may require to make that determination.


5.4. If you have any questions about this Policy, about the processing of your data described, or any concerns or complaints with regard to the administration of the Policy, or if you are not satisfied with the response that you receive, you can escalate your concern to the Chief Privacy Officer by sending an email to:


5.5. All requests for access to your personal information must be submitted in writing by letter or email. We may respond to your request by letter, email, telephone or any other suitable method in a period of twenty (20) days.


6. How VACATIONS CENTER Uses Information

6.1. VACATIONS CENTER do not share Personal Information with anyone except as described below:


6.1.1. VACATIONS CENTER may share Personal Information as required or as permitted by law, such as:


With credit bureaus and similar institutions to report or ask about your financial circumstances, and to report or collect debts you owe;

With regulatory authorities, courts, and governmental agencies to comply with legal orders, legal or regulatory requirements, and government requests;With our Service Providers, regulatory authorities, and governmental agencies to detect and prevent fraud or criminal activity, and to protect the rights of VACATIONS CENTER or others; With the VACATIONS CENTER Co-brand Partners (businesses we partner with to offer cards featuring both brand logos);With our Service Providers who perform services for us and help us operate our business (we require Service Providers to safeguard Personal Information and only use your Personal Information for the purposes we specify);With financial institutions or Co-brand Partners with whom we jointly offer or develop products and services (but they may not use your Personal Information – in particular your email address – to independently market their own products or services to you unless you consent that they can do so);


6.1.2. We may transfer Personal Information to Service Providers or companies within the VACATIONS CENTER Company or Companies throughout the world, for example, to process transactions and provide you with our products or services.


6.2. Regardless of where we process your information, we still protect it in the manner described in this Policy and according to the applicable laws.


6.3. Information collected by VACATIONS CENTER in response to surveys is used to develop statistically significant aggregate information that is analyzed and published to members and industry participants in the form of research reports that enable them to track industry developments and trends useful in enhancing the efficiencies of their businesses.


6.4. Information collected by VACATIONS CENTER is also used to fulfill requests that VACATIONS CENTER has received for memberships or other goods or services.


6.5. In addition, information collected by VACATIONS CENTER is made available to third parties, who do not necessarily subscribe to VACATIONS CENTER Privacy Policy, who have expressed a wish to contact travel-related entities and offer to them goods or services that are deemed of interest. This information may be made available directly from VACATIONS CENTER.


6.6. VACATIONS CENTER also acknowledges the right to limit the disclosure of your personal information by sending an e-mail to the following address:


The limitation to disclosure shall not be considered valid if your personal information is legally required to be disclosed by judicial or other governmental action.


7. The use of tracking technologies in VACATIONS CENTER Website

7.1. We use cookies when you visit VACATIONS CENTER Website. There are four main types of cookies:


a) Site functionality cookies: these cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features.
b) Site analytics cookies: these cookies allow us to measure and analyse how our clients use the site, to improve both its functionality and your experience.
c) Client preference cookies: when you are browsing on VACATIONS CENTER web site, these cookies will remember your preferences (like your language or location), so we can make your experience as seamless as possible, and more personal to you.
d) Targeting or advertising cookies: these cookies are used to deliver ads relevant to you. They also limit the number of times that you see an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

7.2. By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit the site in the future. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, the “help” section in your browser should provide instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Further information about cookies can be found at Please note that by deleting or disabling future cookies, your user experience may be affected and you might not be able to take advantage of certain functions of VACATIONS CENTER Website, and the complete user experience that we pride ourselves on providing our customers.


8. Changes to this Policy

Just as VACATIONS CENTER business changes constantly, this Policy may also change. This Policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice. VACATIONS CENTER will communicate any such changes promptly by posting the revised Policy at VACATIONS CENTER Website. Users are responsible for consulting this posting for any changes. The Effective Date near the top of this document will indicate the last time modifications were made.