General Process

The closing of any real estate transaction can be complex, and timeshares are no different. The process requires a high level of attention to detail in order to have the security of knowing that your ownership transfer is executed correctly and efficiently.

While every vacation ownership program is different and follows a specific transfer process, our team of dedicated experts will guide you through your timeshare transfer, which can be broken down into the following three steps:

1.- Gathering Transfer Requirements

Once we receive your Equity Agreement, we will contact you to confirm the information about the timeshare that you have sold. We will request the documents necessary for your particular membership as well as the agreed deposit of funds to cover administration and transfer costs.

We will then confirm the information with the resort to ensure accuracy and account status.

2.- Document Preparation

After receiving the complete transfer requirements and confirming the status of your membership with the resort, our closing team will prepare all transfer documents needed and collect the necessary signatures from the parties involved so that the change of ownership can move forward without delays.

3.- Ownership Transfer

To complete your transfer, the new deed is sent to the appropriate county for recording. Once the deed has been recorded it will be sent to the resort along with any other necessary transfer documents for them to update their records. In the event that the timeshare being transferred is not deeded, we will send all transfer documents directly to the resort for processing. You will receive written confirmation from our closing team once the resort has confirmed the change of ownership.